Real Results

“I see SIGNIFICANT improvements in my hair and its only been 3 weeks. I do wash my hair 2x weekly but my hair is much thicker, softer and the shedding is considerably less. The spot where I have traction alopecia is filling in and I can’t wait until its all healthy and the same length. I love this extreme growth system.”


“I am a witness that @habdhaircare Extreme Growth System works! I started using it in February of this year and my growth and fullness has been astonishing! This is not just another one of those growth serums that takes your money and leaves you in dismay! This is a true miracle combined in a system of hope! I am so grateful to God for @hairartbydominique and her time and patience she took to develop such an amazing panel of products. I’m so here for it!  To all who have tried other products to no avail, this will be your last stop because everything you’ve been searching for is waiting for you over at @habdhaircare. Placing my order was one of the best things in I’ve done all year! Order and be patient with the process. You will get results!”


“I am honestly very pleased with the growth system. It’s like nothing that I’ve used before, and the product is quite plentiful for the price, but then again I caught the sale she was having lol.”


“I love how soft it leaves my hair after I wash and condition it and I have seen a difference…I have braids in now but I use the peppermint oil in scalp.” 


“I too was suffering silently with the alopecia. I started the Extreme growth system about 2 months ago. My hair texture improved after just a few uses. I’m working to remain consistent and patient in this process. Thus far I am very grateful and pleased.


“Yes. I never mentioned to anyone around be that I ordered. 2 weeks after using, my boyfriend says “come here, your hair looks like it growing.”  I just chuckled. I went to my hair stylist recently, who was the one who told me about the product, she and everyone else in the salon said, “girl your spots are filling in.” My alopecia spots were completely BALD. NO SIGN OF HAIR FOLLICLES AT ALL for the past 3 years. I tried Dermatologist shots & products, Jamaican castor oil, vitamins and everything else. Nothing worked at all. But this system shows signs of hope. Its slowly filling in. Thin. But filling in. I need to order the thickening cream.” 


 “Big shout out to @hairartbydominique!!! I used your Extreme Growth system and giiiirrrllll…I’m hooked. So much shine and my clients hair was so amazingly soft, detangled well and blow drying was an easy! I also used it on my own hair which is relaxed and I just ordered the hydrating system!



Founder Dominique Evans, personally used our Extreme Growth System on herself after being diagnosed with Traction Alopecia. She tried everything and nothing worked. After 10 months of a consistent wash routine using the Extreme Growth System, these were her results. Follow her on Instagram @hairartbydominique to follow her journey!

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